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A World Crisis: A Community Leadership Solution

In this newest book release, she takes on the clarion call to address the leadership crisis happening throughout the world. She introduces a new 3-Tier Leadership Model and blueprint to begin to shape and transform leadership as we have never seen before.


Living For the Promise: The Pursuit to Xcellence

Behind her warm personality and charming smile hid many years of sacrifice and tears! In this book Dr. Banks shares her journey of pursuing a promise called Xcellence with the world, and what it COSTS her to become a MIDWIFE to a nation of Dreamers. Learn what it takes to Move from Stuck to Success!


From Broken Pieces to Masterpieces

Within this book the Co-Authors share testimonies of overcoming divorce, addiction, loneliness, teen pregnancy, sickness, and lack of self-love to name a few. The anointing, strength, and power exuberated throughout this book is astonishing. Twelve ladies from all walks of life, different cities, and countries came together to inspire, uplift, encourage, and share in unity a clarion call that God specializes in broken pieces and only he can turn your life, your story, and your journey into His own masterpiece.

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iDream Big Declarations for the Dreamer in U!

Inside this book you will find 30 Declarations to give you the authority and boldness to speak your dreams into existence! Dreams are some of God's most beautiful gifts! When he releases a dream or vision to you, he is saying he trust you to fulfill the spiritual assignment and purpose he has for your life. In today's society, it can be daunting to pursue in faith after something you have only been shown through a dream or vision. These life-changing declarations have the power to shift you from one place to another, all while transforming what you may have thought was impossible into a reality! It's ok to Dream Big!



Inspiring You to Greatness in 30 Days

 Inside this book, you will find inspirational readings on Healing, Strength, Vision, Faith, and Guidance. These 5 Foundational Principles will inspire you to reach one's life purpose. End each week with reflections on your readings, and the newly identified areas, one should focus on to reach their destiny. I.N.S.P.I.R.E. is a short but very powerful read!The section on healing provides restoration to the reader.


Living God's Best Life: A 30-Day Co-Authored Journaling Synopsis

A Collaboration of Kingdom Women Share Real-Life Testimonials of their Victories and Struggles Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally, and Physically.  Each of these women shared their vulnerabilities with the shared hope that it would bring hope, healing, and wholeness to those who need encouragement.  


A Levitical Man: The Priest, Provider, Protector & The Man

A collaboration of kingdom men collectively joins together to release real testimonials of life’s challenges as men who overcame to become victorious as priest, providers, protectors, and kingdom men for God, their families, and the community.



Xcellence Community Magazine

Established in 2013, Xcellence Community Magazine has featured many of the Top Leaders across the world.  We pride ourselves on finding hidden treasures within our community and highlighting their story to be an inspiration to our global audience.  Click below to find our issues on



How do we Merge Innovation & Leadership for the Future

It is my belief that we are in a global leadership crisis.  The origin of leadership has evolved.  It is critical that leaders understand how this evolution will have a long-term impact on both their personal and professional lives.  

Do you have a Powerlife Development Plan?

I challenge each of you to no longer live life haphazardly but daily intentionality.  What plan(s) have you implemented to ensure that you reach your life's goals?  I advise you that it requires work ethics, discipline, and consistency.  Learn more about how I can help you move from feeling stuck to measurable actions of success. 

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